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Purple Pills: pillole sulla musica e sul mondo di Prince

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  • Epochè
    “Si tratta soltanto di non dimenticare che gli Invisibili possono andarsene, lasciandoci soltanto i rapporti umani, per coprirci le spalle. Come dicevano i Greci dei loro dei: non chiedono molto, […]
  • The things I’ve lost
  • Stubborn
        “I didn’t learn anything. I taught myself.” Thinking back, he laughs for a second and reveals a tiny part of his nature. “I’m stubborn,” he said, his brown […]
  • Prodigy
      “If he makes it, the most atypical local star to come out of Sound 80 will be a multi-talented [18-year-old] prodigy from North Minneapolis who plays any instrument you […]
  • Leggi Universali
    “Il y a des lois universelles auxquelles il faut obéir. Une fois que nous les connaissons, nous nous évitons bien des ennuis. Des gens qui ne manifestent pas de bonté, […]
  • Album Commerciali
        “Je sais de quoi procède un tube, je sais comment concevoir un album commercial. Pour moi, cela est relativement facile. Mais il m’importe davantage de faire ce que […]
  • Workaholic
        Q:“What do your friends say about you?” (Pauses to think)  A:“Err… most of my friends are in this building and I can’t say what they say. I can […]
  • “Kiss. My. A**!”
            “ […] People magazine, who said, ‘We’ll put you on the cover if we can have you, your wife and your baby on it’. Now. I […]
  • Kanga…what?!
    “Kanga…what?!” “Kangarooo!” (The Cocoa Boys)
  • Shy
          “Offstage, Prince is shy. He says he would rather listen than talk–he learns more that way. Onstage, however, he is dynamic, energetic and undeniably sexy. Just ask […]
  • Truth/Lies
        “There have been a lot of things said about me, and a lot of them are wrong. There have been a lot of contradictions. I don’t mind criticism, […]
  • Darkness
          “I don’t believe in darkness” (Prince, to Anthony De Curtis, Rolling Stone, Nov 1996)  
  • “Mix Harmonies”
    “I basically learned with two tape recorders, two cassette recorders. That taught me how to mix harmonies and run harmonies together, to play along with myself”. (Prince, 06/1981)
  • Heels
    “I don’t wear ‘em cuz I’m short, I wear ‘em cuz the women like ‘em” (Prince to Neal Karlen, ottobre 1985)
  • Matrimonio
    “I get pretty noisy, pretty rambuctious, sometimes: Mayte makes me mellow”.(Prince, genn. 1997)
  • # Eye Love U, but Eye Don’t Trust U Anymore
    “I even like hearing him clearing his throat preparing to take us up high”. (commento di DJ su YouTube, sotto il video di questa canzone) “His life story comes from […]
  • #17 Glam Slam
    “I hated Lovesexy when it first came out in the spring of 1988. Following the tremendous Sign O the Times, I thought Lovesexy was a big disappointment and was too […]
  • #16 Dinner With Delores
    “Only Prince could use ‘brontosaurus’ in a lyric line and make it sound like it belongs there!” (commento di Lifelinz, postato su YouTube) “I like how Prince can use a […]
  • #15 The Love We Make
    “Prince touches my spirit in so many of his precious songs! Love you forever, my brother in Christ! On this Sunday evening! Thank you our Jesus! I love you so […]

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